Environmental consultancy

Stephanie Mansourian Consultancy

My ambition is to apply my extensive experience in environmental issues to contribute to a planet..
...where humans and biodiversity can co-exist today and into the future;
...where landscapes can evolve to be resilient, act as a habitat for small and large creatures, and continue to provide for future generations;
...where environmental priorities are effectively incorporated into decision-making at all levels;
...where knowledge of ecosystems, and their relationships to human societies, continues to improve and is integrated into decision-making;
...where stakeholders at all levels are able to engage in environmental protection, management and restoration.
I strive to use my skills and expertise by working with partners who share my goals
"It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. Mansourian for more than a decade. Stephanie is a superb communicator, and possesses a deep passion, extensive knowledge, and a wealth of practical experience related to the complex environmental, socio-economic and governance facets of nature conservation and forest landscape restoration in many countries worldwide." Dr. John Parrotta, USDA (current IUFRO President)