Services offered

Services offered

* Research and analysis on diverse environmental topics (e.g. environmental governance, forest landscape restoration) and sustainable development
(see publications list)
* Writing and editing technical documents, scoping and background papers, and policy or advocacy briefs

Capacity building
* Capacity building workshops on forest landscape restoration
* Webinars on diverse environmental topics
* Mentoring

Lesson learning, evaluation and reviews
* Project and programme reviews and evaluations. 
* Reviews of convention compliance and implementation (e.g. reviewed the delivery, use and uptake of the Ramsar Convention's scientific and technical guidance and UNECE Parties' implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Convention)

Programme management
* Strategic planning
* Proposal development
* Project and programme development and management
* Programme reviews, assessments and evaluations
* Fundraising (proposal writing - with successful proposals written for over EUR 12 million to date).

"Stephanie has been an enormous support to our foundation over the past three years. Initially she conducted an overall review of the foundation's work over the past years. She handled this professionally, delicately and with great insight. Subsequently, she performed a number of evaluations of project concept proposals for the foundation's Mediterranean programme. She has knowledge of a broad array of ecological and sustainable development topics and a scientific background that ensure a thorough and analytic evaluation. Her analyses and observations were always spot-on and provided a solid basis for decision-making. Stephanie is highly capable, works well under tight deadlines and always delivers on time. I can highly recommend her services." Lynda Mansson, Director General, MAVA Foundation